How to Refer A Child?

iC2 PrepHouse will accept referrals that satisfy the following:

  1. WHO criteria for low vision :
    – vision 6/18 or worse in better eye or
    – visual field of 10 degrees or worse from the point of fixation.
  2. Aged from birth to tertiary education.
  3. Referred by an eye doctor or low vision specialist using the iC2 referral form.
    Referred from an educational institute with accompanying medical records.
    Self-referral by parents with accompanying medical records.

Download referral form here.



  1. Download referral form here.
  2. Visit an eye doctor or low vision specialist with the iC2 referral form. Referral form must be duly completed and certified by the eye doctor or low vision clinician.
    Complete form and attach medical records.
  3. Call iC2 PrepHouse at tel : 67901802 during office hours for an appointment.
  4. Bring your child for the assessment.

• Assessment is by appointment only.
• Assessment by professional / qualified staff.
• Post-assessment


Programme Fees

Current programme fees are heavily subsidised by the centre. Families with per capita household income of S$3,500 and below can apply for further subsidy and is subject to household means testing. Families who wish to appeal for further subsidy must provide supporting documents for evaluation and approval. Only Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents are eligible to apply for additional subsidy.

For enquires on the Assessment and Vision Programme Fees for Singapore Permanent Residents and Foreigners, please call us at Tel : 67901802 or email to

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