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Volunteers working on making tactile resources for our students.
By linguser

2020 Tactile Workshop

February 7, 2020

Our volunteers from Australia and United States had an enjoyable session of tactile resource making workshop at our centre on 7 February. Thank you for all of your support. [read more]

(Term 1) Session 1 - A group of our students and their accompanying parent for a line and tossing ball.
By linguser

2020 Athletics Programme with Coach Saravanan (Term 1)

February 1, 2020

Our first session with Coach Saravanan kicked off at Bishan Stadium on 1 February from 6 to 8pm. Parents were invited to join in the session as it was a great opportunity for parent-child bonding. [read more]

Sharing session on Access Arrangements lead by Lay Hong for teachers from Greendale and Mayflower Secondary School in a classroom..
By linguser

2020 Access Arrangements Awareness

January 31, 2020

Our Vision Teacher, Lay Hong conducted a sharing session on Access Arrangements for teachers from Greendale and Mayflower Secondary Schools. [read more]


Audrey Looi, an ophthalmologist with a vision for helping children.
By linguser

An Ophthalmologist with a Vision for Helping Children

October 23, 2019

The day of the SCGS fun fair in 2010 marked a major turning point for Dr Audrey Looi, a senior consultant ophthalmologist at the Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC). [read more]

SMA News Overcoming Visual Impairment 2019 January
By linguser

SMA News – Overcoming Visual Impairment

January 29, 2019

When Joshua Babol started losing more of his sight towards the end of his Primary 4 and early Primary 5 days, his family was concerned about how he would be able to continue his education in a mainstream primary school. [read more]





“We often say that low vision care is about rehabilitation and finding new ways to do routine tasks. But iC2 goes beyond that. For the professionals at iC2, a holistic approach and integration is key. The vision programmes here are aimed at not just rehabilitating children but also helping them integrate with society.”

Prof Wong Tien Yin, Medical Director, Singapore National Eye Centre
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“iC2 PrepHouse is the proverbial elbow for the visually impaired to hold on to. There, people are given a chance to try, a chance to learn and a chance to succeed. Not being able to see like everyone else can does not mean that I lack a future. I just have to work a little harder, and iC2 PrepHouse helps me make sure that I can do that. After all, iC a future for myself 2.”

Joshua Tseng (18 years old)
[read more]



“We would like to express our great appreciation to iC2. iC2 is a community that offers invaluable help to families with visually impaired kids. iC2 staff are knowledgeable, considerate and passionate. With the help from wonderful friends in iC2, it is much easier for our family to cope with Alexander’s vision impairment and live happily together.”

Eric (Alexander’s father)
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“I like the management’s openness and receptiveness to suggestions from the volunteers. The teachers are very supportive and helpful too. I have tried 3 different volunteer jobs but in the end, I continued to be a volunteer in iC2.”

Koh Gim Eng
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“We were also delighted by the workshop iC2 conducted for our other colleagues. It was insightful, practical and accurately addressed the concerns an educator would have about having a visually impaired student in the class. Mary and iC2 certainly understood what we and our students were facing and helped us to successfully walk through.”

Terence (Joshua’s teacher)
[read more]



Currently a full member of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS), iC2 PrepHouse Limited (iC2) had partnered NCSS from October 2011 when NCSS first funded iC2.

With education featuring high in its service mission, iC2 approached NCSS and shared its vision to pioneer a service for students with visual impairment who attend mainstream schools.

In 2012, iC2 started the Vision Education and Rehabilitation Programme, which provided specialised services for students with visual impairment and aimed to instil in them the confidence to live in a sighted community.

These are life skills that are still applicable even after the students enter adulthood and leave the school environment. iC2 also provides school support services – sharing know-how with teachers and staff on the needs of students with regard to integration, use of assistive devices and examination support… [read more]


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