2015 Lecture by Professor Bob Marek

Sep 05, 2015

iC2 PrepHouse hosted Professor Boguslaw Marek, PhD, OBE, of Poland in a series of workshops and lectures over five days on the “Hungry Fingers” educational materials he developed for the blind and visually impaired. A total of 44 teachers, parents and children attended the first four days, with the final day reserved for professional development with iC2 PrepHouse staff.

“Hungry Fingers educational tools are designed to give visually impaired children the confidence that with poor vision, or even without sight, they can be in command of the space around them. They can learn how objects are related to one another, and why they look, or feel different when we draw them. They can learn that space can be divided and altered in many different ways, and that they are the one who decide how they want to change it.” By Prof. Marek

Profile of Professor Bob Marek
Prof. Marek is a lecturer of English at the John Paul 11 University in Lublin Poland. Many years ago Prof. Marek developed an interest in teaching English to children and adults who are blind. In doing this work, he listened to the childrens’ comments regarding the visual world surrounding them. It was obvious to him that there were many visual concepts that the children struggled to understand. It also became apparent to Prof. Marek that there is often a lack of appropriate resources for teachers of the blind to use when teaching chal-lenging visual concepts. From humble beginnings the saying goes…. he started designing wonderful resources to meet this need. Prof. Marek had received an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth for his work with blind children.

Lecture by Professor Bob Marek
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