2020 Athletics Programme with Coach Saravanan (Term 3)

Oct 24, 2020

Our Term 3 sessions with Coach Saravanan kicked off at Bishan Stadium on 24 October from 6.30 to 8.30pm. Parents were invited to join in the session as it was a great opportunity for parent-child bonding.

The importance of sports and physical activities for all ages is constantly impressed on us for healthy living and ageing. However, children who have a visual impairment sometimes do not get as many opportunities to exercise. And for many years, these children have often been excluded or sometimes excused from participating in sports and physical activities. Besides the obvious health consequences of leading a sedentary life, inactivity for persons with visual impairment often result in helplessness and dependency on others.

At iC2 PrepHouse, we recognise the need for physical activities, especially among the young. By creating opportunities for learning with a well-established coach, we hope to instil in these children, a love for sports and physical activities, which will invariably benefit other aspects of their lives.

Besides being able to keep fit, physical activities and sports help young children with visual impairment develop a sense of balance and proprioception, which helps in their orientation and mobility as well. Learning in a group help these children socialize, and parents get to meet other parents to build resources and support among themselves. Being able to learn and even compete with others of comparable ability help develop confidence in these children. Ultimately, we hope these children will go on to taking sports at a higher level of competition as well.

(Term 3) 2020 Athletics Programme with Coach Saravanan
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