2021 Haw Par Junior & Youth Athletics Meet

Mar 20, 2021

Meet Our Champions! Five of our athletes under the Athletics for VI programme with Coach Saravanan took part in the Haw Par Junior and Youth Athletics Meet, organised by Para-Athletics Singapore, on 20 March 2021.

Although most of them are not new to participating in track events, this was the first time the athletes took part in field events. The Juniors attempted the Run, Step, Jump, which was a modified version of the Long Jump, while our youth athletes tried the shot put event.

Despite being novices, all our athletes clinched the gold medals in their respective field events, thanks to the training from Coach Sarav. The final medal tally for iC2 is 10 Gold and 2 Bronze. Congratulations to all athletes. iC2 will continue to make sports a priority for our students.

2021 Haw Par Junior and Youth Athletics Championship; Group photos
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