2021 Parents Konnect PreSchoolers

Nov 13, 2021

In today’s series, a speaker, Ms Brenda Lea Ann, joined the parents and teacher of iC2 PrepHouse for the series on ‘Building Our Child’s Literacy Skills. Six families joined us in today’s series. Ms Brenda has been in the Early Childhood industry since 2005. Her understanding of working with young children in preschools gave parents a better experience of building up their child’s literacy. Vision teachers from iC2 PrepHouse were able to help bridge how a child with visual impairment would learn literacy. Ms Brenda’s session had parents playing games that would help spark interest in their child’s learning. Parents were engaged with the speaker and had asked questions along the way.

Parents Konnect Preschoolers - Early Literacy in Young Children by Ms Brenda Lea Ann
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