2024 Glaucoma World Day

Mar 03, 2024

On World Glaucoma Day, Glaucoma Association of Singapore (GLAS) hosted an event at the iC2 PrepHouse premises with the aim of raising awareness about glaucoma. The event featured informative talks delivered by ophthalmology doctors representing five pharmaceutical companies. Attendees were also provided with an introduction to iC2’s facilities and programs, emphasizing the organization’s support for children and youth with visual impairments.

The presence of Ms. Ku Geok Boon, CEO of SG Enable, as the esteemed Guest of Honor, added significance to the occasion. In collaboration with Helang Books publisher, the event included the launch of the 2024 reprint edition of the book “My Name is Ling. I am blind.” authored by Lee Seow Ser.

Entertainment was thoughtfully included into the event, featuring the remarkable talents of visually impaired pianist Mr. Neo Kah Wee and guitarist Mr. Dallon Au. Their performances not only captivated the audience but also underscored their resilience and creativity. In addition, the Executive Director of iC2, Ms. Louisa Lee, delighted the audience with a heartfelt singing performance.

The event facilitated networking opportunities over refreshments, fostering valuable networking connections among the attendees. It was a memorable occasion that not only educated but also inspired action and unity in the fight against glaucoma.

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