In addition to the medical and clinical evaluations of your child’s eye condition by the eye doctor (ophthalmologist) or the low vision clinician, there are other specialised educational assessment needed that can help the educational team identify the needs and challenges of the child, and plan programmes to address them appropriately.

The key questions these assessment seek to answer are:

  1. What is the child able or unable to see, and under what conditions?
  2. How does the child use his vision to gather information?
  3. How does the child use other sensory channels in addition to vision to gather information?
  4. What adaptations and modifications can be made to enhance the child’s vision?
  5. What other compensatory skills are required so that the child can learn effectively?

The assessments are to gather answers to the above questions. Collectively, they will help in the programming of a child with visual impairment, ensuring that the needs of the child are adequately and appropriately addressed.

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