Assistive Technology Assessment


Knowing which assistive technology is suitable for the student saves money and improves the performance of the student. Not every student will benefit from the same equipment, therefore a formal assessment can help in selecting suitable and effective aids. Knowledge of various eye conditions and their implications on learning is crucial, hence assistive technology assessment is pivotal in the evaluation and selection of appropriate assistive technology.

Information gathered in the Functional Vision and the Learning Media Assessments will provide important background knowledge for the Assistive Technology Assessment. Other information including the prognosis of the eye condition as well as the current and future needs of the student will also be considered.

The student will be assessed based on his/her current abilities and strengths. Further training in skills may be required in the recommended assistive technology to meet present and future needs. This will be recommended in the Assessment report presented to the family at the end of the Assessment.

At the end of the Assessment, a partial or full report (as requested by the family) will be presented. The report will contain recommendation(s) for suitable assistive technology for the student. It will also make recommendations, where necessary, for additional training in the use of the assistive technology.

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