Screen Software


Screen Magnifier Software
If vision is a viable sensory channel for someone with visual impairment, a screen enlarging software will enable the user to read print visually, with the help of a computer. The levels of magnification and the quality of magnification will depend on the software programme installed. There are also additional enhancement features that can provide easier visual access to print information. Some screen enlarging software comes with a screen reader feature to enhance access, using both visual and auditory channels.

Screen Reader Software
If the auditory sense is the main medium for learning, most students would find the screen reading programme or a screen reader the most useful means of accessing information on the computer. This software converts text on the screen to speech which is read out to the user. Some of these are available as freeware of shareware, or as part of the accessibility options in some Operating systems.

Commercial screen readers are more versatile and offer the most features, including the ability to voice all of the text displayed on the screen, like menus and dialogue boxes, controls, etc.

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