Braille Learning Programme


Braille is an important Literacy medium to those with visual impairments. It is a tactile code enabling the blind an alternative access to print. Technological advance in areas like the computer and speech output technology, where the printed text can be auditorily accessed by the blind, has given the impression that learning Braille is no longer necessary nor efficient. However, auditory access does not address the issues of being able to read and write, which are key aspects of literacy and learning. Technology is a boon to Braille users, as making Braille materials is now becoming less expensive and faster to produce.

It is important therefore that children who have limited access to printed materials should be provided with options to learn Braille to promote literacy.

We provide beginner and intermediate lessons to all ages to learn Braille. We have sufficient, high-quality educators and Braille tools that encourage fast and effective learning.

Braille literacy for children whose primary media would be Braille, should start from as early as possible. Unlike print which is easily and readily available, Braille for young learners are hard to come by, especially in the initial years. Materials will have to specially designed and made for these children to ensure they have early access to the medium of their learning.

For older children who may have progressive conditions, or lose their sight adventitiously, Braille instruction should be a motivating and successful experience. Our programme can help these children learn Braille quickly with a success-oriented design.

For some older children and young adults, academic braille may not be necessary as they are already proficient uses of other forms of information access, for example, through auditory means. However, they may still require some form of functional braille to help them get by simple daily activities, like reading the numbers on lift buttons, as well as labelling their own personal effects.

Specially-designed braille lessons can be tailored to meet the specific individual needs of these students.

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