Where possible, we try to work for the inclusion of children with visual impairments in mainstream schools. Being a low incidence disability, your child or student may be the only person with a visual impairment in the school, and resources and knowledgeable personnel may not be available. In addition, each visual condition has its own unique manifestation and implication such that even if two children have been diagnosed with a similar condition, their experiences and level of needs may differ greatly.

To ensure that the child reaps maximum benefits from the inclusion process, it is crucial that the right level of support is provided for the child, meeting the individual and unique needs of the child concerned.

iC2 PrepHouse is able to work with schools and other service providers by making available the resources and expertise in promoting inclusion; through

  • Providing specialist assessment (Functional, Learning Media, and Orientation and Mobility Assessments) to determine the needs of each child.
  • Advise teachers and staff of the needs of the child, and the provisions required to ensure inclusion.
  • Awareness talks to school staff and/or students about visual impairments.
  • Working with the schools and examination board to ensure equitable and appropriate accommodations and provisions are given during school and national exams.
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